Heyhey, I'm Beda Mulzer, Systemic Coach & Consultant, Organizational Developer, Agile Coach and Lighting Designer or Gaffer. 
I started my professional career working in the film industry as a lighting guy. Intrigued by the magic of the work on a film set in my early twenties, I got interested in Screenwriting and Dramaturgy, Archetypes and Systemic Family Therapy as a toolbox for narration. These interests developed into passions, that I started to integrate with my creative lighting work, which again got me interested in organizational theories and then cybernetics and systems theory. My time at the School For Designing A Society gave me a deep dive into the historic roots of this field of knowledge, while at the same time offering a very unique opportunity to explore systemic approaches in wild and complex real world situations. 

Deeply rooted in systemic theory and agile practices, my expertise lies in building processes, enhancing team dynamics, and fostering innovative problem-solving. My approach uniquely blends creative vision with structured methodology, systemic thinking and empathic servant leadership.

Whether it's coaching you, or your teams, or engaging in projects in flexible roles, my focus is on delivering creative, efficient solutions that generate tangible value, quality and also a good, nurturing experience in the process of creation for everybody involved.

Let's collaborate to transform your challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

My mum was a photographer in a museum in Munich and I used to hang out at her atelier or help her pull prints in the state of the art photographic laboratory as a kid. I started taking pictures a bit more intentionally at the age of 14 while snowboarding in the alps or playing gigs in hazy punk rock clubs.

After finishing school and army service I began to work as a Studio Technician at the Film Studios of the ARRI headquarters in Munich. I learnt how to operate state of the art film studio technology, like lighting desks and camera control systems.

In the beginning I programmed lighting effects for game shows and commercials. Later, after moving to Berlin in 1999, I had the chance to work on quite a bunch of domestic and international film productions with some of cinemas' greatest Directors of Photography like Roger Deakins, Michael Ballhaus, Christophe Beaucarne, Chris Menges or Franz Lustig. 

Through my curiosity and interest for conceptual work and narrative abstraction, as well as some lucky circumstances, I also got to support fine artists like Tacita Dean, Douglas Gordon, Peter Stein or Thomas Bo Nielsson to realize their creations... Especially in these engagements I enjoyed the diversity of challenges and conceptual depth of work that allowed me to play and go abstract and experimental in my approaches in the service of staying as close as possible to the artists concepts while exploring the edges of technical boundaries and effective resource management. 

I love to work in creative teams. With the experience of more than 20 years of managing effective teams, I can help you create every possible reality you can communicate. Anytime & everywhere. I have a huge set of diverse experiences that I'm always happy to share and I strive for a positive and productive work environment, as well as intelligent ways of using resources. I love to make things possible and find quick, safe and beautiful solutions for all kinds of situations. 

From 2012 to 2014 I volunteered at the Gesundheit! Institute in West Virginia, USA to help organize, promote and realize humanitarian clowning interventions in Guatemala City, Guatemala and Iquitos, Peru. 

I also attended and contributed to a number of workshops and educational programs of The School For Designing A Society, Champaign-Urbana, Il, USA, Fabrica de Sonrisas, Guatemala City, Guatemala and Bolaroja, Lima, Peru. 

With these Organizations I studied cybernetics, systems theory, humanitarian intervention and social construction, while fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange by introducing digital tools for distributed teams and online collaboration.

This experience has profoundly influenced my way of approaching change and designing solutions. 

I hold certificates as Agile Coach, Scrum Master (PSM I & II), Systemic Coach, Systemic Organizational Consultant, Mediator and Change Manager. I'm a member of QRC (Qualitätsring Coaching) and hold a seat on the board of directors at Bundesverband Beleuchtung und Kamerabühne e.V..

 ..some filmography on IMDB..

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have something to say or want to ask me a question!