I started taking pictures a bit more intentionally while snowboarding in the alps or playing gigs in hazy punk rock clubs, back when I was a teenager. My mum was a photographer in a museum in Munich and I used to hang out at her atelier or pull prints in the massive darkroom. After school I started to work at the Film Studios at the ARRI Headquarters in Munich. I learnt how to operate studio technology like Lighting Desks and Camera Controls.. In the beginning I worked on game shows and commercials. Later after moving to Berlin in 1999 I had the chance to work on quite a bunch of international productions with some of cinemas greatest Directors of Photography like Roger Deakins, Michael Ballhaus, Christophe Beaucarne, Chris Menges or Franz Lustig. Through my curiosity and interest for conceptual work and abstractions as well as some lucky circumstances I also helped fine artists like Tacita Dean, Douglas Gordon, Peter Stein or Thomas Bo Nielsson realize their creations... 

I love to work in creative teams. With the experience of almost two decades in lighting and 30+ years behind a lens I can help you create every mood you can imagine. anytime & everywhere. I have a huge set of diverse experiences that I'm happy to share and I strive for a positive and productive work environment and an intelligent way of using resources. I love to make things possible and find quick, safe and beautiful solutions for all kinds of problems. 

 ..also stalk me on IMDB or Crew United.

Taking photos still feels like play. I like it when it's fun, I like it when it's a challenge, I like it when it flashes... I love the sound of the strobes.. there is magic in it.. Come on, let's go play! 

For more information on my work, regarding collaborations, or to just say hello please do feel free to get in touch.